Why CDA Slammers FC

The CDA Way develops great players and great people.


These are our defining values:

Academic Excellence. Our expectation of success in the classroom teaches players to manage their time,solve problems, and prioritize. Soccer rewards preparation, and we encourage our players to apply the lessons of preparation from the field to the classroom.

Whole Person Development. CDA Slammers endeavors to develop distinguished athletes, exemplary students, and upstanding young adults. At every level, our directors and coaches emphasize skill, tactical awareness, confidence, determination, sportsmanship, team play, character development, and academic excellence.

The result:

The lessons learned at CDA Slammers FC serve our athletes their whole lives long.

Complete Training. Our philosophy — the CDA Way — centers on the five components of the game: technical, tactical, physical, social and psychological. Each player is challenged in a dynamic, competitive, and fun environment and is taught to make decisions under the guidance of a qualified coach. Our club takes its cues directly from the best practices established by US Soccer.

One Club — One Family. We are not a group of independent teams sharing the same name. We are ONE CLUB and each team benefits from all club resources. Our directors and coaches are connected at all levels, operating under an integrated training philosophy and playing style. This creates a consistent learning environment for our players. The consistent use of club colors, logo, and style provides each member with a sense of belonging, and we strive to promote and provide a family environment within the club.

That means:

As one of the few youth club soccer organizations that can develop players from four years old through the professional level, CDA Slammers FC offers a complete development experience.

If you are ready to see for yourself, schedule a tryout in your area.