Congratulations to the Boys 2008 Cantu!

Congratulations to the Boys 2008 Cantu for making it to the Semifinals of the Toyota of Orange Classic. They lost in penalties and showed great character as they continued playing through some adversity with 3 goals being called back. “I was very happy with our boys and our parents as they maintained their discipline as they continued to push for the winning goal. I was very pleased that we didn’t act like our counterparts, screaming and yelling like fools over calls. The boys and the game will decide the outcome. We lost in PK’s yet played beautiful soccer along the way” stated Coach Cantu.
As a first-year team seeing them play the way they’re playing is very rewarding as we’re stressing “Total Team Futbol”.
A huge thank you to Coach Gus Capote and to Lynda Shepard for all their help and hard work with the boys.