G2006 Cantu fighting for the win at an international tournament in Sweden: Gothia Cup

Here is an update and summary of Game 2 from Coach Joe Cantu:
In a hard-fought game, girls fight back after being down 1-0 at halftime to win 3-1 against Savedalens IF. They were a good team that could really move the ball and tried spreading you out of your shape. The defense lead by Lexi P. along with goalkeeper Melanie, did a great job shutting down their attacks as well as Melanie shortening by coming off her line quickly. In the second half, the girls continued playing great soccer eventually getting by the equalizer and go-ahead goals by Lizzie O. and a third by Alexia L. They now play Tuesday the 16th at 4:15 pm, or as the girls are getting used to 1615.
*Breaking news: G06 Cantu just won Game three 4-0!